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Why this road won’t relieve Stratford Congestion…

• The SWRR is developer lead – Cala is only interested with securing land to build 3,500 houses and is not interested if the road works or not.
• There has been NO impact studies and no substantiating numbers to qualify the SWRR
• Local authorities are being lead by a developer to build a road in an area of Stratford that can be proven will fail to relieve traffic congestion
• Micro simulation specialists – Vectos, commissioned by SDC & WCC have reported that “The SWRR would be to onerous and inconvenient for trips associated with the proposed developments”.
• Vectos also report that the trip patterns related to the new developments would not influence traffic to use the SWRR as an alternative route meaning that the proposed investment of £30 million would not deliver a good return and therefore being disingenuous to residence of Stratford who are expecting this road to relieve traffic.
• SDC’s is failing its town, being disingenuous to residents who are expecting this road to relieve traffic when it can be proven it is not fit for purpose and would be better positioned further away from the town centre better linking the A46 or even the A429.
• Regardless of whether the SWRR is ‘fit for purpose’ or ‘not’, the Core Strategy is dependent on the SWRR being delivered, therefore the SWRR’s value to the council is to protect the Core Strategy, this is not a reason to allow the SWRR development to be approved.