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What do SRAG want?

SRAG’s Mission

To campaign for the relocation of the South Western Relief Road* to a less harmful location that will

  • deliver better traffic management outcomes
  • provide a more sustainable traffic solution in the long term
  • ensure the preservation of community green space and biodiversity

       *the SWRR is defined in Stratford District Council’s Core Strategy in section MM78. To read the full core strategy click here


SRAG’s Objectives

  • To ensure local communities affected by proposals for the South Western Relief Road have a voice and are effectively represented
  • To hold our elected representatives to account and ensure they are acting in an objective and impartial manner
  • To ensure all impacts of the South Western Relief Road are properly measured and evaluated
  • To campaign for a professional evaluation of the route of the road, including whether there are better and less harmful alternatives.
  • To raise awareness about how the South Western Relief Road will impact not only the local area of Luddington but throughout Stratford
  • To ensure that planning proposals for the SWRR take account of the environmental restrictions laid down by law
  • To raise funds for the furtherance of those aims