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Why is the SWRR needed?

Why is the SWRR needed?

The SWRR is positioned by Stratford District Council (SDC) to meet two needs. SRAG are concerned that the SWRR cannot adequately meet either of these needs, and that adequate impact assessments and measurements have not been undertaken to prove that they will.

These are the two main reasons SDC say why we need the SWRR

  1. To relieve traffic coming from the new developments at the new Garden Village at Long Marston Airfield (LMA) i.e. residents’ cars and the new industrial park at Atherstone i.e. vans and HGVs.
  2. To relieve existing traffic problems in Stratford upon Avon itself.

Cala Homes have offered to build and pay for this road in exchange for being selected as the developer for the LMA site. SRAG understand the approximate budget allocated by Cala Homes for the SWRR road is £30 million. SRAG have also been advised that Cala Homes will pay whatever is required to build a relief road to safeguard the opportunity of building and selling houses at LMA ie the road may cost Cala well in excess of £30 million .

The SDC also say this new  road will ease traffic in Strafford by providing another river crossing and diverting traffic away for the Clopton Bridge. However, by their own admission this road will meet not be fit for purpose within 10 years. The road is predicted to take 5 years to build –providing just 5 years of ‘relief’.

Quote from Councilor Robert Vaudry at the 2017 Stratford Transport Summit :

“It may have issues with volumes of traffic in 10 years’ time, and we’ll see when we get to the next local plan”.

To hear what he said follow this link