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There is no evidence to suggest that a South-West relief road will deal with the identified congestion hotspots as set out at paragraph 3.1 namely A422 Alcester Road Stratford Station-Bridgeway Gyratory, A3400 Birmingham Road, Clopton Road/Grove Road or A439 Warwick Road.

  • The current proposals are inconsistent with the plans and aspirations set out in the Transport Strategy namely:
    If the evidence in the CPRE study is correct and traffic is likely to increase as a result of new road building projects, the plans will therefore not meet the aspiration in the transport strategy [para 2.1] that “any development proposals will need to show that air quality will not deteriorate as a result, in line with the Air Quality Strategy in Warwickshire County Council’s Local Transport Plan (2011-2026).
  • There is potential conflict with the stated aim that “future development must not increase the risk of flooding” bearing in mind this road will cross the flood plain and the mitigation measures necessary to make this road work are likely to significantly increase all the other harms associated with the road, particularly visual and landscape harm.
  • There is conflict with paragraph 2.3 which aims to “support the visitor experience and attractiveness of the town”.
  • I would refer local representatives and officers to the very recent study commissioned by the CPRE and carried out by Transport for Quality of Life called “The Impact of Road Projects in England” (summarised on the CPRE website) which concludes that major road building projects do not significantly decrease congestion/journey times and that in fact, building roads generates traffic. The more road capacity there is, the more traffic there will be. It is an important study and urge people to read it.

    Bearing in mind that it is stated that “whilst there is little long distance through traffic in the town, there is significant amount of local traffic that passes through the town without stopping.
    The majority of this traffic in the peak periods is travelling from the Shipston Road to Warwick Road or vice versa…” [paragraph 3.1 (ii)]. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be the demand for traffic that seeks to travel West but rather to get North of the town on the Eastern side.
    If one further river crossing is needed, given the routes that traffic seeks to take, putting a river crossing to the West could end up being an unnecessary white elephant.
    A western relief road will not allow restrictions to be placed on Clopton Bridge [page 17 point 3] and there is currently no evidence that two relief roads are needed to manage increased traffic from proposed housing development over current plan period.

    It is not viable or appropriate to drive additional traffic including HGVs onto the new Shottery Estate Road that runs behind Ann Hathaway’s Cottage. This development was not approved with the idea that this residential estate road would become a relief road. There is bound to be conflict with the cars for 800 estate homes accessing a road which is now to be a relief road. It will increase problems to drive more traffic through to the bottom of Bordon Hill / Evesham Road in order to access this estate road.

    Quote from Councillor Robert Vaudry at the Stratford Transport Summit:
    “It may have issues with volumes of traffic in 10 years’ time, and we’ll see when we get to the next local plan”.
    Insinuating that another relief road will be needed in 10 years’ time. Note: It will take 5 years to build this road therefore within 5 years of it being operational Robert Vaudry is suggesting it will be congested. This is not a good return on investment at a cost of £30 million.
    Therefore this road is not fit for purpose….

    Even Stagecoach say it will not prevent increased congestion!
    This is further evidence to show that Stratford’s Core strategy to relieve congestion is flawed…
    Extracts from article: The bus company has stated in its response to a consultation on the revised strategy that the current level of road congestion in the area ‘seriously undermines our ability to provide a reliable service’. It says that if this situation were to worsen ‘the overall viability of our wider local network … risks being seriously undermined’. The company’s response argues that the proposed mitigation measures for the new development, which include a relief road, as well as possible new rail, light rail and bus links, will not prevent increased congestion.
    For full report please follow link: http://www.transport-network.co.uk/Housingtargets-‘increasing-pressure’-on-the-highway-network/12455

    The traffic flow chart, produced by CALA clearly demonstrates how traffic is being encouraged to enter the already congested town of Stratford-upon-Avon… (creating a ‘bottle neck’ of congestion).
    When considering future plans to develop the A46, with the plans linking the Shottery link road and the SWRR this is only putting further strain on the infrastructure on the A46 up to junction 15 of the M40.
    Regular commuters will experience today that the improvements to J15 of the M40 are already starting to experience congestion during peak times of the day….
    There are better solutions to consider that will relieve Stratford congestion challenges.

    Follow link for full report: https://askwarks.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/stratford-reatransport-strategy-jan-2017.pdf