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Habitat Biodiversity Audit

The LWS/SINC Steeplechase Meadow SP15W1 was designated a Local Wildlife Site in 2004 and therefore should be resurveyed to ascertain its current value as a county important wildlife site.

The Linear LWS/SINC River Avon SP15Li8w has been assessed during 2010 using the specific River Linear Local Wildlife Site criteria and has been fully designated. The River Avon will need to be surveyed for water voles and otters, both desktop study for existing records and a site survey to establish current status.

  • This proposal, in particular, is in conflict with many of the policies of the Stratford upon Avon Neighbourhood Plan namely:
    Policy BE13 “development within and adjacent to the Racecourse Meadow Site of Special Scientific Special Interest will be strictly controlled”.
  • Policy NE2 “Proposals which would adversely affect the environmental quality of the [River Avon Biodiversity] corridor will not be supported”.
  • Policy CLW4 “The following areas have been identified and development which adversely affects these important spaces will be resisted….(h)The River Avon Corridor Local Wildlife Site, (i) The Greenway where it runs through the Neighbourhood area, (k) the Racecourse Meadow SSSI.
  • Policy CLW6 “Priority should be given to the creation of a ‘green necklace’ around Stratford-upon-Avon which incorporates footpaths and cycle routes on both sides by a ‘ring of trees’ encircling the town, which connects with adjoining routes in to the town centre, the River Avon, the canal towpath and the Greenway.
  • Police CLW13 “Proposals which would give rise to unacceptable levels of air, noise or water pollution will be resisted”

An alternative route to move traffic from South to North (avoiding the town) that makes use of existing road infrastructure to the East including Trinity Way and the A422 towards Wellesbourne makes much more sense.