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Month: May 2017


The area for this route is of very special value to the town and its visitors. A road on stilts or an embanked road will cause significant harm to (or ruin beyond function) the Greenway, the River Avon and the River Stour. This peaceful, beautiful […]

Air pollution is damaging 60% of wildlife sites in meadows, according to a new report….

A team of EU scientists said nitrogen emissions from cars, factories and farming was threatening biodiversity, warning of the on-going risks and threats linked to nitrogen pollution. The ‘Nitrogen Deposition and Natura 2000’ report was published at a key scientific conference in Edinburgh. The European […]

Habitat Biodiversity Audit

The LWS/SINC Steeplechase Meadow SP15W1 was designated a Local Wildlife Site in 2004 and therefore should be resurveyed to ascertain its current value as a county important wildlife site. The Linear LWS/SINC River Avon SP15Li8w has been assessed during 2010 using the specific River Linear […]

Why this road won’t relieve Stratford Congestion…

• The SWRR is developer lead – Cala is only interested with securing land to build 3,500 houses and is not interested if the road works or not. • There has been NO impact studies and no substantiating numbers to qualify the SWRR • Local […]

May 20th meeting

Stratford Resident Action Group (SRAG) look forward to meeting you all during your visit to 9 Luddington Road on Saturday 20th May, to answer any questions you may have regarding the area the SWRR is proposed to be built. Share List

Our objections to SDC on the proposed SWRR Scoping Application

A plea to all of our SRAG supporters we have until 15th May 2017 to make our objections clear to SDC on the proposed SWRR Scoping Application submitted by Cala, a developer led disaster for the South West of the town! This is the first […]

May 15th deadline

We have until 15th May to tell SDC why building on these fields to construct a white elephant they call the South West relief road is utter nonsense and a huge waste of money. Please don’t leave this to someone else- the volume of comments […]